What's Locus?

Locus is a movement focused on engaging those we serve, practitioners, the private sector, donors and government to drive adoption of locally owned, integrated solutions. Locus Partners will help further define what effective engagement models are, participate in building a shared evidence base for integrated solutions and engage government, NGOs, local communities and the private sector to ensure new solutions to old development challenges.

Locus primary objectives would add value to:

  1. Changing the fundamental nature of how development is funded so that truly local and global solutions can combine to combat poverty.
  2. Jointly discovering the efficacy of integrated rather than sectorial based solutions.
  3. Focusing on shared measurement to understand whether what we are doing actually works. What are the results showing us about our approach to development?
  4. Leveraging open data and tapping into knowledge sharing to learn from each other’s strengths.

For those who share the sense that we can do better, Locus offers a place for shared conversation.